I need my entourage to do this...

I am still waiting on my damn Xmas bonus for my new camera... if I dont get it, imma go Clark W. Griswold on someone's ass (no homo). But peep this by Five Four, good work Danny Lee. Where's Kanye?!?

Stay Positivo.


Jimmy Dean

I'm trying to just stick to a photo blog but I had to post this one.

If things in your life kinda suck to any reasonable degree, listen to this and maybe you'll instantly feel alot better about your situation(s).



Evidence, Alchemist, Little Brother & Darien Brockington

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I dunno what it is, but lately I have been at the "right place at the right time". Last night on my way to the show, I decided to take a few shots of the tour bus with my broken camera. As I was doing so, Evidence (Dilated Peoples) got off the bus to invite me inside to meet The Alchemist. "HOLY SH*T, I was in presence of a hip hop's living legends!!!" Wow, I was as wide eyed as an 8 year old girl. Thanx, keep it movin fellas.

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"ill chillin" snippit... by Fresh Prince. coming soon!

I hate how iMovie f*cks up my video quality, who wants to buy me Final Cut Pro????


Dallas Dj's dedication

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We're in the middle of November, fittingly the month between Fall and Winter, a time of transition, a time of change and a time to prepare for the New Year. Last year during this time, I was in preparation of the launch of Kiddrae254. I was wide eyed and eager with a purchase of a brand new camera. A few weeks ago I dropped my camera for the 1000th time, ironically shaking the hand of the same very person that encouraged me to continue taking random photos.... Damn you Sara!

So with the New Year looming and another chapter to write I will be getting my bigger and better camera. Hell, I may even scrap this whole site and start over.... who knows. But for now thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate the comments and support.

Okay, so what now? Well I have thousands, no millions of photos that I have yet to post. So this post is dedicated to the REAL Dallas dj's. Not those loud mouth mixtape fags but the dj's who sacrifice their weekend just make our's better.

I started djing in high school and have recently given it up to focus on my career and other hobbies and lemme tell you, ITS HARD WORK! Most people seem to think they just cue up a record and boom thats that. Beat matching and mixing and digging and making sure the crowd is happy....damn ITS HARD WORK. So next time your out, take time to show love to your local dj's. Keep it movin' fellas I appreciate what you do for us.


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Some of these photos you may have seen and some you have not.

*Dedication dj's shout outs: A.One, Sober, Nature, Select, Tyrone, Big J and the Clever Monkey's, Neva Dug Disco, DJ Red Eye, Prince William, Phooka & Fishr Pryce


Worldwide Respects - Galveston, TX

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Thanks Bean head!
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